The Future Demands Our Full Attention

We, the undersigned faculty and faculty emeriti of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, like so many students, staff, alumni, citizens of North Carolina, and other supporters of the school, were shocked and angered by the academic scandal revealed in the Wainstein report and the preceding investigations. All members of our community, but foremost the faculty and faculty administrators, have a duty to be vigilant in upholding the academic integrity of our institution.

We stand by the detailed, transparent approach of the University’s leadership in identifying and acting on the full scope of problems that were uncovered. Effective administrative controls have already been put in place in many cases to ensure that the past won’t be revisited ( In this effort, the athletic program administration has also been completely revamped, and well underway is a comprehensive analysis of all processes that affect the lives and education of our student athletes to optimize their experience on campus. This thoughtful work is slow-going, but it will position us well for the future.

We are perplexed by the unbalanced treatment of these events in the media, which often fails to acknowledge the significant effort the university made in investigating and responding to the academic and athletic irregularities. This imbalance has been amplified by those in our community who seek out the media spotlight to rehash old issues as if they are ongoing problems. In some cases, they have cast broad aspersions on individual departments. These actions are divisive and counterproductive.

It is time to move forward from this unfortunate episode. The challenges of the future demand our full attention. We must come together to address these challenges and to continue providing all of our valued students the inclusive, diverse, and vibrant environment for inspired learning they expect in Chapel Hill.

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Cindy Schauer, Assoc. Professor of Chemistry
Maurice Brookhart, Kenan Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Todd Austell, Research Assist. Professor of Chemistry
Ed Samulski, Boshamer Professor of Chemistry
Michel Gagne, Mary Ann Smith Professor of Chemistry
Paul Kropp, Professor of Chemistry
Linda Spremulli, Professor of Chemistry
Gerald Meyer, Professor of Chemistry
Valerie Ashby, Professor of Chemistry and Chair
Thomas Keyserling, Professor of Medicine
James Jorgenson, Kenan Professor of Chemistry
Marcey Waters, Gordon And Bowman Gray Professor of Chemistry
Royce Murray, Kenan Professor of Chemistry
Jo Anne Earp, Professor of Health Behavior, School of Public Health
Nita Eskew, Director of Undergraduate Laboratories, Chemistry
Erianne Weight, Assist. Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
McKay Coble, Milly S. Barranger Professor of Dramatic Art
Gregory P. Copenhaver, Assoc. Professor of Biology
Mitch Prinstein, John Van Seters Professor of Psychology
J. Steven Reznick, Professor of Psychology
Jaye E. Cable, Professor of Marine Sciences
Joseph Kieber, Professor of Biology
Lawrence I. Gilbert, Kenan Professor Emeritus of Biology
Charlotte Boettiger, Assist. Professor of Psychology
Ann Matthysse, Professor of Biology
Steven Zeisel, Kenan Professor of Nutrition and Pediatrics
Jean DeSaix, Teaching Professor of Biology
Joel Kingsolver, Kenan Professor of Biology
John Akin, Carr Professor Emeritus of Economics
Jenny Ting, Kenan Professor of Genetics, Microbiology, and Immunology
Gail Henderson, Professor and Chair, Department of Social Medicine
Tom Clegg, V Lee Bounds Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Michael Jarstfer, Assoc. Professor, School of Pharmacy
Michael R. Kosorok, Kenan Professor and Chair of Biostatistics
Amy H. Herring, Professor and Assoc. Chair of Biostatistics
Klaus Hahn, Thurman Professor, Pharmacology Department
Darin A. Padua, Professor and Chair of Exercise and Sport Science
Harold Kohn, Kenan Professor of Pharmacy and Chemistry
Greg Forest, Dahlstrom Professor of Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering
Barbara Osborne, Assoc. Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
David K. Guilkey, Boshamer Professor of Economics
Joseph B. Myers, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
Rita Balaban, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics
Meredith Petschauer, Senior Lecturer of Exercise and Sport Science
Vin Steponaitis, Professor of Anthropology
Patricia A. McAnany, Kenan Eminent Professor of Anthropology
Amy Oldenburg, Assoc. Professor of Physics and Astronomy
John F. Scarry, Term Associate Professor of Anthropology
Andrew J. Perrin, Professor of Sociology
Boone Turchi, Assoc. Professor of Economics
Fred Sparling, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology
Herb Patterson, Professor of Pharmacy
Patricia Pukkila, Professor Emerita of Biology
David D.Dill, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy
Paul Leslie, Professor of Anthropology
Daniel Nelson, Adjunct Professor of Social Medicine and Pediatrics
Robert Nicholas, Professor and Vice Chair of Pharmacology
Lee M. Graves, Professor of Pharmacology
Milo Hoffman, Adjunct Assist. Professor of Dental Ecology
Beth Black, Assoc. Professor of Nursing
Joseph M. DeSimone, Chancellor’s Eminent Professor of Chemistry
Harald O. Heymann, Thomas P. Hinman Professor of Dentistry
Albert D. Guckes, Assoc. Professor of Dentistry
Terry Furey, Assist. Professor of Genetics and Biology
Jennifer Krumper, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry
Deborah Stroman, Adjunct Assoc. Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Ken D. McCarthy, Professor of Pharmacology
Paul D. Fullagar, Professor Emeritus of Geological Science
William T. Link, Adjunct Assist. Professor of Operative Dentistry
David Navalinsky, Assist. Professor of Dramatic Art
Jim Kitchen, Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch
Lynn Usher, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work
Michael Jacobs, Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Valarie A. Zeithaml, David S. Van Pelt Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Carol Hee, Clinical Assoc. Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Jennifer Conrad, McMichael Professor of Finance, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Wendell Gilland, Assoc. Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Arne L. Kalleberg, Kenan Professor of Sociology
Paul N. Friga, Clinical Associate Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Barry L. Bayus, Rodwell Professor of Marketing, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Dick Blackburn, Assoc. Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Mark McNeilly, Marketing Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Douglas Shackelford, Dean and Distinguished Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Mabel M. Miguel, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Greg Hohn, Senior Lecturer, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Kevin Leibel, Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Jeffrey R. Edwards, Belk Professor of Org. Behavior, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Randy Myer, Entrepreneurship Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Matthew Pearsall, Assist. Professor of Org. Behavior, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Debbi G. McCullough, Lecturer, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Gary Armstrong, Blackwell Professor Emeritus, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Ted Zoeller, Lewis Clinical Assoc. Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Joel Thomas, Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Chip Snively, Senior Lecturer, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Alan M. Jones, Kenan Professor of Biology
Paul Holshouser, Professor of the Practice, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
James Moeser, Professor of Music and Chancellor Emeritus
Susan Moeser, Lecturer in Music, Department of Music
Joy Kasson, Professor of American Studies
Jeannie Loeb, Senior Lecturer of Psychology
William Turnier, Mangum Professor Emeritus, School of Law
Jay Klompmaker, Professor Emeritus of Business Admin., Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Peggy Leatt, Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Policy and Management
David Hofmann, McColl Professor, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch.
Morris Weinberger, Professor of Health Policy and Management
Steven G. Buzinski, Lecturer, Department of Psychology
Jeffrey T. Spang, Assist. Professor of Orthopaedics
Connie Eble, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
M. Alan Brookhart, Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health
Marianne B. Gingher, Gray Term Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Susan Irons, Senior Lecturer of English and Comparative Literature
Joe A. Hewitt, University Librarian Emeritus
James Thompson, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Beverly Taylor, Professor and Chair of English and Comparative Literature
George Lensing, Mann Family Professor of English & Comparative Literature
Della Pollock, Professor, Department of Communication Studies
David W. Owens, Coates Professor of Public Law and Government, School of Gov.
Andrea Edith Moore, Lecturer of Voice, Department of Music
Michael Canute Lambert, Professor, School of Social Work
Jonathan M. Lees, Professor and Chair of Geological Sciences
Christopher Putney, Assoc. Professor of Russian
Monica Rector, Professor of Romance Studies
Dennis K. Mumby, Professor of Communication Studies
Brian W. Sturm, Assoc. Professor, School of Information and Library Science
James A. Stimson, Raymond Dawson Bicentennial Professor of Political Science
Evelyne Huber, Morehead Alumni Professor and Chair of Political Science
Bill McDiarmid, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Education
Layna Mosley, Professor of Political Science
James Ketch, Professor of Music
Molly De Marco, Research Assist. Professor of Nutrition, School of Public Health
Jennifer A. Diliberto, Clinical Assoc. Professor of Special Education, Sch. of Ed.
Leisha DeHart Davis, Associate Professor, School of Government
Sorin Mitran, Professor of Mathematics
Marty Weems, Clinical Assist. Professor, School of Social Work
Barbara B. Moran, Louis Round Wilson Professor, Sch. of Info. and Lib. Sci.
Rachel E. Pollock, Instructor of Dramatic Art
Terry Sullivan, Assoc. Professor of Political Science
Bryce B Reeve, Assoc. Professor of Health Policy and Management, Sch. of Public Health
Donna Nixon, Clinical Assist. Professor of Law, Sch. of Law
Emily Kertcher, Assist. Professor, Allied Health Sciences

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